Parish Councils


The Finance Council is a consultative body whose mission is to assist the pastor in the administration of parish resources, provide assistance in the preparation of the parish’s annual budget, review parish financial statements so as to assure that expenses are within the limits of income received and available, and to assist the pastor in the preparation of an annual financial report of revenues and expenditures for dissemination to parishioners

Chairman: Hoyt Muir


Carl Beck, Bobby Daley, Nancy Jones, Sandy Woods


The Council is a consultative body which aids the pastor guiding the spiritual direction of the parish; works with the parish leadership and promotes and maintains a Christian parish environment. 

Chairman: Larry Beaton


Carl Beck, Ken Freligh, Eryn Harris, Helen Muir, 

Sammy Sharp


The Liturgy Committee plans and provides for the spiritual development of the Parish community through meaningful liturgies and other programs that enable the people to pray and love God.