Become Catholic

For more information contact the parish office. RCIA information can be found under the our faith tab.

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Become a Parishioner

Registration clearly announces your arrival in our parish and enables the parish priest and staff to communicate with you. This communication is very important to our parish family and assures the family/individual of full status as a parishioner and enables the priest and parish staff to make available rights and privileges guaranteed by Church law. Canon Law and diocesan policy in some instances require full parish membership before some sacraments may be administered. This is particularly true of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Holy Orders. Registration, then, can be an effective initiation into the life of our parish!

To register, contact the Parish Office or send in a registration form

Registration Form

Schedule an Appointment

If you need an appointment to see Father Ron, please call the parish office at 386-325-9777

Have My Child Baptized

To have a child receive the Sacrament of Baptism the parents must be registered parishioners and attending Mass for six months prior to requesting the sacrament.

Contact the parish office for more information

Have a Wedding

Couples seeking the Sacrament of Marriage must contact the Parish Office and request to meet with the priest six months prior to their wedding date. He will set a course of marriage preparation for them and provide the necessary materials, forms and resources.